We cannot operate without the generous donations from our community. We are growing and committed to support more children with continuously improved programs. This takes resources to build and sustain a safer and larger facility, more paid staff and support materials.


Will you help?

Here is how you can contribute:

  • Current Needs:

    • Program operations funding to support staffing and materials

    • Building development funding to support our expanded center construction,                                                                                             scheduled to begin Spring 2018

  • Where to Send:

    • Stellie J. Jackson Enrichment Center, P.O. Box 81, Clover, SC




“Supporting the center financially is investing in the future of young children. Short term, you will see their grades immediately improve. Long term, you will see them mature into productive and responsible young adults. Pretty good return of investment!”

            Monique Boekhout

            Board of Directors member

“Thank you so much for providing exceptional care at the Stellie Jackson center! My kids are thriving and I can see all the love and effort you put into your time together! Is there anything I can do to support you financially?”

            Logan Cato

            Third Grade Teacher                                          Kinard Elementary