It is our purpose, as a faith-based community center, to serve elementary and pre-school children spiritually, morally and academically, to help guide them to their brightest future. The pivotal early years of a child’s life can make all the difference in their ability to build inner strength and self-worth in order to achieve their God-given potential.



 Our children are the best indication of our success. Their enthusiasm for the center is expressed in hugs, in joyful singing, in active participation and in measurable semester-over-semester scholastic improvements. We look forward to guiding and inspiring more children towards their positive future.



Our Purpose

Hear Our Story

 “Our students have experienced academic success in both Language Arts and Math as a result of the dedicated efforts from the Stellie J. Jackson Enrichment Center staff who have maintained weekly communication with the teachers at Kinard.”

Kathryne S. Weathers

Principal, Kinard Elementary School


Our personalized after-school program assists elementary school children, grades 3-5, with after-school tutoring in a safe and nurturing environment. We currently serve up to 15 children from Kinard Elementary in Clover, SC.


Sample after-school program activities:

  • Bible Study incorporated into life lessons and resilience skills

  • One-to-one homework help in reading, math and science

  • Reading to Understand

  • Music, art and an annual performance event

  • Field trips to hear musical performances, visit museums and hike nature trails

  • Mr. Bruce’s Science Class teaches environmental science, astronomy and more

  • Community involvement including parades, church activities, assisting the elderly

 “Our approach is to offer encouragement, grow self-esteem, empower respectful interactions with others and identify talent in the children they didn’t even recognize they had. I’m personally thrilled with the musical talent our children have developed here and carried on in life.”

Liz Stowe Johnson

Stellie J. Jackson Enrichment Center Executive Director, Chairperson

Clover School Board Member

Retired Music Teacher – York District #1

Our summer program if offered to pre-school through 2nd graders and is designed to help children adjust to school and develop a love of reading, to have the best possible start as they enter school in the fall. We currently serve up to 15 children, mostly from the Roosevelt Community of Clover.





Sample summer program activities:

  • Reading

  • Music and Art

  • Bible study

  • Science

We believe that a strong family unit is also critical to a young child’s ability to excel, so we strive to provide the relevant support that parents, caregivers and older siblings need. We are pleased to be introducing programs to support their stability and growth.


Sample family member programs planned:

  • Bible Study Classes for adults, adolescents and children 

  • Personal finance – starting Fall 2017

  • Parenting classes

  • Computer skills for adults

It is our goal to more than double our outreach in 2018, to more elementary school children and their families, with a larger facility scheduled for construction. Our community is growing and so is the need of our children.


Want to help? 

There are many ways you can get involved with your time or contributions. For more information see, ABOUT US